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Did you know that Rising Aviation High School is a top-rated, private high school option for all students; even if they are not interested in aviation? The school is STEM focused and features more facetime with instructors, smaller class sizes, a safer environment, and affordable tuition. It is ideal for Addison and Dallas area parents who want the best private high school experience possible for their teens.

Considering a private school for your high schooler? Here are some questions parents consider when deciding to make the switch to private schools for their teens:

Is there a better education option for my teen outside of my local public school system?

Can we afford a private school and tuition costs for my teen's private high school education?

Is my teen suffering from large public school class sizes?

Is my teen fearful in their public school and needs a safer, private high school environment?

Does my teen need a "reset" and a new environment to start over?

Would my teen benefit from more educational flexibility in a self-paced environment?

Check out this interview with a Rising Aviation parent!

If you are thinking these at any level for your teen, the answer to all of these is most likely, “Yes!”

And the best part is that the cost at Rising Aviation is practically HALF of the national average – which means it is one of the most affordable private high schools in the Dallas / Addison Texas area.

Rising Aviation High School academic programs

Private High School Educations Produce Better Outcomes

Other factors to ponder when considering if a private school is right for your teen:

  • Private high schoolers tend to test better than their public school counterparts
  • Private school students score better in almost all subjects
  • Private schools are more likely to have a staff focused on college admissions
  • Private schools have smaller class sizes and additional hand-holding
  • Private school connections can put a student at an advantage when applying for top colleges or jobs
  • A good private high school like Rising Aviation will ensure that your teen does not fall thru the academic cracks in the system.

That is not to say everyone who attends private school will go on to a successful career, but the odds are far better than the public school attendees.

Rising Aviation High School academic programs
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If Your Addison or Dallas Area Teen Needs an Academic Boost – Rising Aviation Can Help

Whether or not a private high school education is worth it for your Addison or Dallas area teen is going to depend on your family’s unique situation. We believe that the private education at Rising Aviation High School will help your teen flourish academically, get into a top-notch college, and succeed professionally as an adult.

But the best way to know that for sure is to schedule a tour of Rising Aviation High School, talk to the staff, other students, and possibly even meet other parents. An affordable private school may be necessary to expand your child’s academic talents, offer flexible educational opportunities, and provide an environment where they can thrive.

Open Enrollment for Future Aviators.