Rising Aviation Maintenance Program

Aircraft Maintenance Program

Put your teen on the path to becoming a professional Aviation Maintenance Technician or Aerospace Engineer. Our in-depth program will give them hands-on experience and real world knowledge, preparing them for advanced training after they graduate.

High School Aircraft Maintenance Program Overview

At the beginning of a Rising Aviation student’s junior year they will choose what pathway they want to pursue. If they pursue the Aircraft Maintenance pathway a portion of their studies will focus on aircraft maintenance.

Choose Aerospace Curriculum

To support our Aircraft Maintenance students we use the one-of-a-kind Choose Aerospace Aviation Maintenance Curriculum. This is a computer-based program designed to launch students into a career in aviation maintenance.

It combines the latest FAA Mechanic Airman Certification Standards with a flexible e-learning platform that blends traditional and innovative teaching methods, including virtual reality.

This curriculum not only prepares students for direct employment opportunities but also sets a strong foundation for obtaining FAA certification through additional coursework or relevant work experience after graduating from high school.

In addition to the computer-based curriculum, our students will get hands on training in our maintenance hangar.

Vans RV-12 Aircraft Build

Gain Experience Building a Vans RV-12 Aircraft

Students in the aircraft maintenance program will have the incredible opportunity to build a Vans RV-12 aircraft from start to finish.

They will be guided by our Maintenance Program Director, Pete Miller, who has over 40 years of experience as an A&P with Southwest. Pete is a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association and has built his own RV-7 airplane.

When your teen leaves Rising Aviation, they will be able to say they’ve helped build an airplane from start to finish before graduating from high school.

Career Pathway for Aircraft Maintenance Students

After graduating from Rising Aviation High School, students have several options for pursuing a career in aerospace engineering or aviation maintenance.

If they want to become an Aviation Maintenance Technician they can pursue training at an FAA approved Part 147 school or they can enter the workforce in an apprenticeship type program.

Students who choose to attend an FAA approved school have many options in the DFW area including our partner Thrust Institute of Maintenance. They offer a 12 month program that will give your teen the training they need to take their Airframe and Powerplant exams and earn their A&P certificates. After they earn their certificates they can immediately begin working as an aircraft mechanic.

Students who are interested in aerospace engineering can pursue degrees at a variety of colleges that will give them the training they need to pursue a career as an aerospace engineer.

Open the Door to Opportunities in Aviation Maintenance for your Teen

The aviation maintenance sector is poised for significant expansion over the next two decades, fueled by growth in airline operations, increased U.S. manufacturing, and the rise of business aviation.

This robust growth, coupled with a shortage of qualified professionals, means that technicians can expect rising wages and incredible career opportunities.

Industry giant Boeing projects a demand for over 600,000 aviation maintenance technicians in the next 20 years.

Rising Aviation Aircraft Maintenance program
Rising Aviation Maintenance Program

Graduates of our program can look forward to a variety of career paths in the aviation industry such as:

  • Airlines: Maintaining aircraft for cargo and passenger transportation.
  • Business Aviation: Servicing private corporate fleets.
  • Aircraft Manufacturing: Building brand new aircraft and retrofiting older aircraft.
  • Avionics: Specializing in aircraft electronics.
  • Government: Supporting military and civil aviation.

Our Aviation Maintenance program opens the door to these rewarding careers, setting your teen on a path to success in a growing industry.

Listen to Rising Aviation student, Nico, talk about his experience in the program!

Enrollment Open for 2024-2025