About Rising Aviation High School

A One-of-a-Kind High School Experience

At Rising Aviation High School, we believe that a STEM education is essential for preparing students for the future.

As society continues to seek innovations and solutions to everyday problems, careers in the STEM fields will continue to be in high demand.

Our aviation and aerospace programs heavily encompass all disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math, giving our students a unique advantage in any path they choose to pursue after they graduate..

Our aviation program provides students with a strong foundation in STEM subjects as well as aviation knowledge and skills. From the history of aviation to the principles of flight, our students gain a solid foundation in the knowledge and skills they need to pursue a career in aviation.

Our hands-on learning and real-world applications will help your student develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills that are essential for success in the aviation industry.

Prepare Your Student for their Future Career!

In addition to gaining valuable skills and knowledge, our aviation program also gives students the opportunity to explore different career options in aviation. This can help students narrow down their interests and make informed decisions about their future careers.

With the aviation industry growing rapidly, studying aviation in high school can give students a competitive edge in the job market and increase their chances of landing a good job in the aviation industry.

Rising Aviation student Training in Simulators
Rising Aviation students at desk

Our aviation program allows your student to make lifelong friends who all share a passion for aviation.

From drones, to rockets, to planes, your child will love being surrounded by friends who are passionate about aerospace.

We’re committed to providing a unique and innovative educational experience that prepares our students for a bright future in aviation and beyond.

Enrollment Open for 2024-2025