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Flight Training with Rising Aviation and Thrust Flight

At Rising Aviation we know the journey to becoming a pilot is filled with both excitement and rigorous training.

To ensure our students receive the highest caliber of flight instruction, we’ve proudly partnered with Thrust Flight, a renowned flight school based here at Addison Airport.

This collaboration is specifically tailored to provide Rising Aviation students with an exceptional and comprehensive flight training experience, paving the way for them to achieve their private pilot license.

Together, Rising Aviation and Thrust Flight are committed to nurturing the next generation of skilled pilots through a blend of academic excellence and practical, hands-on flight training.

Start Flying Your Junior Year!

Beginning in their junior year, students at Rising Aviation who pursue the Private Pilot License program can start their flight training. 

The first step in their flying journey will be to obtain their student pilot certificate from the FAA. This is a simple form filled out on the FAA’s website but authorizes them to work towards becoming a private pilot.

Then they’ll be paired with a flight instructor at Thrust Flight who will work with them on a regular basis until to prepare for the FAA practical exam. Once they pass the exam they’ll be a certified private pilot!


Rising Aviation Checkride pass
Thrust Flight Piper Archer

Seamless Training Between Rising Aviation & Thrust Flight

Thrust Flight is located at Addison Airport, making it easy for students to participate in flight training during the school day.

At the time of a flight training lesson, students will be transported to Thrust Flight and then picked up when training is complete. Most flight lessons are 2-3 hours in length.

This transition is seamless, ensuring that students can focus on their training without any logistical concerns. 

About Thrust Flight

Thrust Flight stands at the forefront of aviation training, renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation in the field. Based at Addison Airport, it has established itself as a leading Part 141 flight school, known for its high standards of training and safety.

At Thrust Flight, the focus is on providing a comprehensive learning experience, combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills to create well-rounded aviators. They provide a leading professional pilot program called Zero Time to Airline that is designed to train someone with no experience and put them on the path to becoming a commercial airline pilot.

Thrust Flight has trained thousands of students over the years across their many programs. The school operates brand-new Piper Archer aircraft, models from 2022-2023, equipped with the latest G1000 avionics and air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable and technologically advanced learning environment.

These aircraft are not just tools for learning; they are a testament to Thrust Flight’s dedication to offering the best resources for its students. The experienced instructors at Thrust Flight are not only skilled pilots but also passionate educators, committed to guiding each student towards their aviation goals.

Overall, our program provides students with a unique opportunity to explore the exciting and rewarding field of aviation. Whether a student wants to become a commercial pilot, or work in the drone industry, our aviation courses provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed when they graduate from high school.

We’re committed to providing a comprehensive and innovative educational experience that prepares our students for a bright future in aviation and beyond.

Enrollment Open for 2024-2025