Rising Aviation High School Academic and Aviation Programs

Our comprehensive STEM program is designed to equip students for careers in various industries, with a special focus on aviation and aerospace. Our aviation courses are taught by highly qualified and FAA Certificated Instructors and supported through the delivery of the AOPA High School Aviation STEM Curriculum, a Stem.org Accredited Educational Experience.

Elevate YOUR Student’s Future!

Over the course of their program, your student will be exposed to a multitude of technologies, disciplines, and experiences that most people only dreamed of, or perhaps didn’t even know about.

Our students will grow to understand the importance and need for life-long learning, they’ll develop leadership qualities and expertise, and they’ll acquire scholarly and personal skills that they will carry throughout their life.

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You’ll find that our students want to be at school. They log on each day ready to learn in a unique self-paced environment bolstered by individualized and small group instruction. Credit is earned by subject mastery, not seat time.

The curriculum for our academic programs is self-paced and delivered through a computer-based learning management system supplemented by teacher driven lessons, seminars, and small group meetings.

Our teachers focus on each individual student’s needs and plan their lessons accordingly.

Aviation High School Program Overview

 During a student’s freshman and sophomore years, foundational aviation topics will be studied, providing a broad overview of different areas within the industry.  This will provide for a well-rounded experience regardless of a student’s eventual aviation pathway. 

As students enter their junior year, they’ll select an aviation pathway of focus, to include either (1) Airplane Pilot Pathway, (2) Drone Pilot Pathway, or (3) Aviation Maintenance Program.  

The following is an overview of our high school aviation curriculum starting at level one during their freshman year.

Newly enrolled students will be placed in the appropriate course respective to their grade-level. There are no aviation course prerequisites.

Freshman Year - Level 1: Introduction to Aviation and Aerospace

The Introduction to Aviation and Aerospace course teaches students about flying and unmanned aircraft systems. It inspires students to explore careers in aviation and aerospace and prepares them for more advanced courses in the future.

Sophomore Year - Level 2: Introduction to Flight

Students will learn the basic principles of flight for aircraft and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The course covers aerodynamics, forces of flight, and the main systems found on large and small airplanes and UAS.

Junior Year - Level 3: Aviation Ground School

During their Junior year, students will have the opportunity to choose a pathway to study. If they want to fly airplanes, they’ll follow the Airplane Pilot Pathway. If they want to fly drones, they’ll follow the Drone Pilot Pathway.

Depending on the student’s pathway, their Aviation Ground School class will focus on 1 of 3 areas:


Private Pilot Pathway

The Private Pilot Pathway aviation curriculum covers a range of topics. This includes pilot and aircraft qualifications, principles of flight, aerodynamics, safety procedures and more.

At the end of the course students will be prepared for the Federal Aviation Administration’s Private Pilot written exam.

Learn More about the Private Pilot Pathway

Drone Pilot Pathway

The Drone Pathway course introduces students to the basic concepts of unmanned aircraft systems. They’ll cover topics such as regulations, operating requirements, safety protocols, emergency procedures, and more.

At the end of this course students will be prepared to take the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107 Remote Pilot written exam.

Learn More about the Drone Pilot Pathway

Aircraft Maintenance Pathway

The Aircraft Maintenance Pathway course introduces students to the basic concepts of aircraft manufacturing, repair, and maintenance. Students in this program are supported and led by the Choose Aerospace Aviation Maintenance Curriculum.

In this course students will also have the incredible opportunity to build a Vans RV-12 aircraft as part of their coursework.

Learn More about the Aircraft Maintenance Pathway

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Senior Year - Level 4: Practicum in Transportation

During their senior year students will continue through their chosen pathway from the previous school year.

Private Pilot Pathway

In the private pilot pathway students will study advanced aviation topics and explore career options, including instrument flight, commercial aviation, and advanced aircraft systems.

They’ll also study the future of the aerospace industry and learn about business development opportunities in aviation. Then students will conduct research in preparation for their capstone project in the second semester.

Drone Pilot Pathway

In the drone pathway students will explore practical applications of unmanned aircraft systems in a variety of fields such as agriculture, public safety, and photography.

They’ll work individually or in small groups to study and report on an approved aviation topic related to unmanned aircraft operations.

Aircraft Maintenance Pathway

In the maintenance pathway students will continue their study of aircraft maintenance including using the Choose Aerospace Aviation Maintenance Curriculum.

They’ll utilize virtual reality to deepen their knowledge and continue working as a team to build the Vans RV-12 aircraft.

Overall, our program provides students with a unique opportunity to explore the exciting and rewarding field of aviation. Whether a student wants to become a commercial pilot, or work in the drone industry, our aviation courses provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed when they graduate from high school.

We’re committed to providing a comprehensive and innovative educational experience that prepares our students for a bright future in aviation and beyond.

Learn more about our Aviation Programs

Rising Aviation Checkride pass
Fixed Wing Pilot’s License Program

Rising Aviation High School’s Private Pilot Program is the perfect next step for high school students who want to become pilots. Over the course of this program they’ll gain the necessary skills and knowledge needed to earn their FAA Private Pilot Certificate.

Rising Aviation Drone Trip
Remote Pilot’s License Program

Rising Aviation’s Remote Pilot Program offers your student the opportunity to earn their FAA Remote Pilot Certificate while exploring the high-growth field of drone technology. Led by industry veterans, students will gain hands-on flight experience operating and maintaining drones safely.

Airplane Engine
Aircraft Maintenance Program

Rising Aviation’s Aircraft Maintenance Program offers your student the opportunity to gain practical skills they can use in a future career as an aviation maintenance technician. Students will also have the opportunity to help build a Vans RV-12 aircraft.

Enrollment Open for 2024-2025