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Flight School for Teens in Addison, TX

Rising Aviation High School educates students who have career aspirations in aviation, wish to expand their aviation industry skill set, or simply want a challenging STEM educational experience that provides a solid foundation for virtually any future academic or career pursuit. Individuals who require an accelerated education schedule, flexibility to maintain attendance, help with credit recovery, or simply desire an immersive learning experience, will all receive a personalized educational “flight” plan designed for their success in aviation and in life.

About Rising Aviation High School in Addison, TX

An Aviation School for Teens that’s STEM Accredited

Rising Aviation High School, located in Addison Airport, is an innovative educational program built on the foundations of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) curriculum emphasized in many modern academic institutions. But, it is uniquely enhanced through the coupling of STEM with aviation technology studies, practical aviation applications, and course completion through content mastery, not merely seat time. Utilizing our 20+ years of alternative educational expertise, we have created a unique blended learning model that we call STEAMScience Technology Engineering Aviation Math.

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STEAM learning experience at Rising Aviation High School

An Aviation Education Customized For Your Child

The Benefits of Aviation Curriculum, Flight School & Pilot Training

Safe and Secure Environment

Small Class Size

Flexible Schedule

STEM Accredited Curriculum

Self-paced and Accelerated Learning Opportunities

Online Learning Opportunities

Credit Recovery Available

Credits Based on Content Mastery (Not "Seat Time")

Other Benefits of Rising Aviation High School


One-on-one and small group instruction


Self-paced core curriculum


Flexible Instructional pedagogy designed to meet the needs of each student and afford intellectual freedom


Personalized academic “Flight Plan” with opportunities to earn their Basic Ground Instructor (BGI), Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI), or their Sport, Recreational, Private or Drone pilot’s license


Opportunities for advanced ratings and endorsements including Commercial, Instrument, High Performance, Complex, & Multi-Engine


Certified flight instructors


Certified and highly qualified teachers


4-day school week with Fridays reserved for tutoring, aviation activities and field excursions


Modern aircraft with the latest avionics located at the KADS Airport


Optional extended school year

Our Flight School Education Program in Addison, TX

Blended learning program at Rising Aviation High School

The Rising Aviation High School blended learning program replaces outmoded and obsolete educational modalities. Students advance based upon subject mastery rather than standard time-oriented assessments.

Our students want to be at school. They log on each day ready to learn in a unique self-paced environment bolstered by individualized and small group instruction. Our teachers get to focus on each individual student’s needs and plan their lessons accordingly.

Who Should Attend: High School students interested in a flexible learning environment with a focus on technical education and special emphasis on aviation.

Eligibility: Any student in grade 9 through grade 12.

What They Can Earn Upon Graduation: Students will graduate with an accredited high school diploma with a STEM Endorsement and will be highly trained, ready for many career paths including the thousands of opportunities in aviation, such as becoming a fixed wing or drone pilot.

Hands on experience at Rising Aviation High School

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Hands on experience at Rising Aviation High School

Blended Learning

Replacing outmoded and obsolete educational models, students can work virtually but as a matter of practice will attend school at our Flight Center.

Schedule Flexibility

Our hybrid educational model and the fact that the high school operates 11 months out of the year (closing only in July) allows for tremendous schedule flexibility and opportunity for students. 

Individual & Small Group Instruction

Given the small class sizes, our teachers focus on each individual student’s needs and tailor lesson plans to each student.


The Rising Aviation education program encourages students to advance based on subject mastery rather than standard time-oriented assessments. Students move ahead at their own pace according to prescribed criteria.

Rising Aviation High School Flight Center Location

15506 Wright Brothers Dr. Addison, TX 75001

Rising Aviation High School is located at the Addison Airport (KADS). The Flight Center has direct access to taxiway Bravo. For our students, we believe it’s important to be at the airport to experience airport operations firsthand.

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