Tuition at Rising Aviation High School

Tuition Schedule

A Better Way to Pay for Private School

We handle tuition payments differently than most private STEM schools.

Since our classes are self-paced, some students are able to accelerate their studies and therefore won’t need as much time. Others may need more time and our structure allows for that as well.

Therefore, unlike most private schools that require large annual payments, tuition at Rising Aviation is paid on a monthly basis.

The school also operates eleven months out of the year, CLOSED IN JULY, thus providing additional opportunities for accelerating classes or continuing work on current classes.

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Paying for Flight Training

It’s important to know that flight training is a separate cost from general tuition. When students reach their junior year, they’ll have the option to begin flying. All flight training is done with our partner, Thrust Flight, based here at Addison airport.

This partnership allows us to provide students with the best possible flight training experience.

When your student is ready to begin flight training, you’ll pay Thrust Flight directly for all instructor and aircraft rental time.

We will connect you with a member of the Thrust Flight team who will provide you with all the pricing information you need. This includes the cost of instructor time and aircraft rental time.

We understand that flight training can be a significant investment, but we believe it’s an important part of preparing our students for a career in aviation. Our partnership with Thrust Flight ensures that our students receive the highest quality flight training available.

Listen to Rising Aviation student, Nico, talk about his experience in the program!

Enrollment Open for 2024-2025