Is a Private High School Education Better Than a Public Education?

by | Apr 6, 2022

If you have children of high school age, it’s not uncommon for you to want the very best education for them. After all, wanting the best for your children means you’re looking out for their welfare and their future – the mark of a great parent.

During the process of finding the best educational option, however, you might ask this question: Is a private high school education better than what can be obtained from a public school?

The answer to this question ultimately depends on your teen’s specific needs, his or her dreams, and the quality of the public school system in your area. To help you answer this question, let’s look at the main benefits of a private high school education, how you can pay for it, and some options available in the Addison/ Dallas, TX area.


4 Key Benefits of a Private High School Education

Many parents start looking into a private education for their teen when they feel that the public school system doesn’t meet their needs. Regardless of the reason you’re looking at a private education in the first place, here are some of the most common benefits you can expect to see with a private school:

  1. Smaller classroom size – The student-to-teacher ratio is often significantly smaller in private high schools vs. public ones. This affords students more individualized instruction and a more personalized approach to learning. This can be ideal for students who are quick learners and want to progress further and faster. It’s also beneficial for those who are less quick to learn and may need additional instruction.
  2. A bigger focus on a specific industry – Some private high schools are geared toward a specific industry, such as the building trades or aviation. Students are able to still get a STEM education but they can easily see how what they’re learning applies to real-life skills and situations in their preferred industry.
  3.  Personalized curriculum – In addition to learning industry-specific information, students with a private high school education are more likely to be able to have a personalized curriculum to meet their specific learning needs and objectives.
  4.  Better preparedness for post-secondary education – Students in private schools are often better prepared for college than their public school counterparts. This typically stems from the other benefits listed above. With smaller class sizes, more individualized attention, and a curriculum based on a particular industry, children are able to learn efficiently and progress even farther than they might otherwise without such advantages. In addition, private schools often include hands-on training or internships where students can apply what they learn.


Are You Concerned About the Cost of a Private High School Education?

It’s true that private schools are often more expensive to attend than traditional public schools. That’s primarily because building and education expenses are not funded by local, state, or federal governments. Instead, a private high school education is typically paid for by grants and/or the parents or guardians of the students who attend the private school.

If a private high school education is the best route for your teen, don’t let cost stand in the way of your teen’s dreams and a top-quality education. While many people picture scholarships only in terms of college funding, they may not realize that scholarships are also available to students attending a private high school. In fact, there are many that pertain to specific fields of study such as aviation scholarships or funds for students pursuing aerospace and engineering.


Affordable Private High School Options in Addison and Dallas, TX

Rising Aviation High school provides a private high school education to students in and around Addison, TX. With our campus located at the KADS airport, we are in a prime location to help students pursue aviation careers. Soon, we will have another location at the Dallas Executive Airport and will be able to accommodate even more students.

If you have questions about the benefits of a private high school education or concerns about financial aid, contact us today. We are happy to explore the options you have to help make your teen’s aviation dreams come true!

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