6 Things to Look for in a Private High School

by | Feb 10, 2024


Choosing the right private high school is a pivotal decision for any family, involving much more than just academics.

It’s about finding a place where your child will thrive, be challenged, and prepared for the future. But with so many options, what should you prioritize in your search?

In this article we’ll go over what to look for in a private high school, helping you make an informed choice that aligns with your child’s needs and aspirations.

From accreditation and innovative curriculums to community atmosphere and future readiness, we guide you through the key considerations that will help pave the way for your child’s success.


Accreditation Matters


The first thing to look for in a private high school is accreditation.

One of the benefits of picking an independent school is the freedom from politicized state standards. However, private schools are still accredited. This proves that the curriculum and the teaching pedagogy meet standards for effective student learning.

Knowing the school you pick is accredited gives you peace of mind.

Students will be taught by certified and trained teachers, and transcripts, diplomas, and credit hours will be accepted at all institutions of higher learning. 

Rising Aviation is accredited by STEM.org, the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools, and the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission.


An Interesting and Innovative Curriculum


STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, is at the core of a modern educational philosophy.

But at Rising Aviation, we believe in the power of a “STEAM” curriculum—Science, Technology, Engineering, Aviation, and Math. Aviation is the glue that binds our coursework together and keeps everyone engaged.

By tying our curriculum to aviation, we’re able to embrace all of the topics of STEM while keeping our coursework grounded in reality and applicable on a daily basis. Here, the theoretical rubber meets the literal runway.  

Our process is based on a custom “flight plan” made for each student.

Students may opt to pursue their FAA ground instructor certificate, Private Pilot license, or Drone Pilot credentials.


private high school students flying a flight simulator

A Welcoming Atmosphere


We all know that a school is more than academics; it’s a community. And picking a community is a big part of the private school experience.

Along with the community comes the culture, how the professors interact with students, how it fosters a sense of community and belonging, and so much more. 

One important part of the atmosphere is the school size and class size. These factors greatly affect a student’s overall experience on a daily basis. How much one-on-one attention do they receive from the instructors? And, if they need help, how easy is it for them to access it?

Rising Aviation focuses on having small class sizes and plenty of one-on-one instruction.

Additionally, flexibility is built into our program—the core curriculum is self-paced, meaning credits are earned when the material is mastered, not just when the course is due to be over.

An Eye To the Future


Student outcomes drive everything a school does—or at least they should.

After all, graduating high school is only the first step on a student’s educational journey. In other words, high school is an investment in the student’s future, so what’s the potential return on the investment?

When looking at different schools, carefully consider their curriculums and how they prepare students for the next step. Are they ready for college? Have they had a solid foundation of skills and career preparation? Have they had a variety of experiences and exposure to potential career paths? 

Rising Aviation aims to let our students hit the pavement rolling—for takeoff, that is.

With a wide range of experiences in the aviation sector already under their belts, students will be ahead of the curve in terms of setting their career goals.

With our partnership with Thrust Flight, students can even step right into their advanced flight training with Private Pilot certificates already in their pockets.


private high school students doing experiments in class

Accelerated Learning Opportunities


One thing you may not have considered when looking for a private high school is accelerated learning opportunities. Rising Aviation’s private high school environment offers a unique accelerated learning pathway, allowing students to progress at their own pace and potentially graduate early. 

This approach caters to those who show advanced academic abilities or have clear career goals, especially in specialized fields like aviation.

Students can immerse themselves in advanced courses and tailored programs, gaining in-depth knowledge and practical experience.

The self-paced curriculum ensures a deep understanding of subjects, empowering students to quickly advance their education and career prospects.

A Good Fit


Finally, a school should be a comfortable fit for students and parents. It goes back to being part of a welcoming community where you feel at home.

Always visit the schools you are interested in, meet with the teachers and staff, and take the time to get the feel of the place. Is it somewhere you feel comfortable?  

There you have it—five things to look for in a private high school. Of course, we believe Rising Aviation has all these qualities and much more to offer. But everyone’s journey is different, so come visit us and see if we’re the right high school for you.

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