About Rising Aviation High School

Rising Aviation Student Excursions

We believe in giving our students as many opportunities as possible to network, build new skills, and explore every facet of the aviation industry. To help accomplish this we take our students on a variety of field trips throughout the year and host a number of guest speakers on our campus.

These incredible excursions and events give our students a robust vision of all of the opportunities available to them in the aviation industry and beyond.

Below are some of the field trips and events our students have attended in the past year.


CR Smith Museum Aviation Career Day

During the CR Smith Aviation Career Day our students had the opportunity to explore aviation careers through expert panels and hands-on activities. They were also able to network with aviation industry professionals.

The event featured sessions with professionals from various aviation fields, including aircraft maintenance, piloting, cybersecurity, and engineering.

American Airlines Training Facility Tour

This field trip was a highlight for many of our students. Our students were able to get a behind the scenes look at all of the training given to American Airlines pilots and flight attendants.

This included setting up a raft inside their training facility and walking through a training aircraft.

Volunteering at Girls in Aviation Day

In September our students were able to help set up for Girls in Aviation day. This included passing out gifts for attendees and cleaning and preparing aircraft for the event.

SouthWest Airlines Tour

Students toured Southwest Airlines, where they had the opportunity to explor simulators and training facilities. They got to see where professional pilots and crew members are trained. 

National Weather Service Center

This fun outdoor trip gave students the chance to learn more about the critical role the National Weather Service plays in the aviation industry. Students learned about the variety of weather reading technologies used and tour the facility.

Fronteirs of Flight Museum

The Fronteirs of Flight is a can’t miss museum for any aviation enthusiast. Students loved seeing the variety of aircraft and aviation history stored at the museum and hearing from the team that runs the museum.

Business Jet Center Tour

On this field trip students had the opportunity to learn more about the world of corporate air travel. Students learned about the maintenance process with these aircraft and were able to tour several aircraft.

Arlington PD Drone Safety

On this unique excursion our students met up with the Arlington PD to learn more about how they utilize drones in their work. Students learned more about drone safety and career opportunities in the drone industry.

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