7 Ways to Help Your Teen Succeed In High School

by | Jan 3, 2023

Wanting to help your teen succeed in high school is the mark of a great parent. But if you’re like some parents, you hardly know where to start. After all, the teen years can be challenging and it’s often unclear how much involvement your student wants in their education and life in general!


Every student is different, of course, but we’ve compiled some simple ways you can help your teen succeed. Put them all into action or pick just a few. No matter which ones or how many you choose, we commend YOU for taking an active role in your teen’s education.

How to Help Your Teen Succeed In High School

1. Consider Your Teen’s Academic and Vocational Interests

It’s no secret that students are more interested and engaged in their educational experience when they have a significant interest in what they’re learning. While there are some classes that are required for every high school curriculum, there are many electives that students can take based on their personal interests. And, there are even required classes that can be tailored to a specific industry or vocation.


For example, at Rising Aviation High School, we take the traditional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education and add in a focus on Aviation. Students who are interested in pursuing an aviation career often find these required classes more interesting or appealing simply because they’re tailored around a topic that significantly matches their interests.

2. Help Your Teen Succeed In High School With a Private School Education

Not every teen will succeed in high school by participating in the public school system. While a public high school education can serve many students well, it’s not always the best option for every student.


The key benefits of a private high school education include:


  • Smaller class sizes – The student:teacher ratio is typically smaller in private schools vs. public ones. This enables teachers to provide a more personalized approach to learning and gives them time and space to work with students on an individual basis as needed.


  • Focus on a specific industry – Private schools can be centered around a particular vocation or industry. As previously mentioned, Rising Aviation High School in Addison, TX is a top choice for Dallas area high school students interested in the aviation industry. Other private high schools offer classes based on building trades or other specific industries.


  • Personalized curriculum – With smaller class sizes and more 1:1 teacher interaction, private school students are often able to follow a curriculum that has been personalized to address their unique learning needs and objectives.


  • Career preparation – All of the benefits above combined with student leadership opportunities and hands-on training programs help students be better prepared for careers or additional education after high school.

3. Attend School Open Houses and Informational Sessions

As a parent, you can help your teen succeed in high school by supporting their efforts to learn. Attending school open houses, if they’re available, allows you to meet your student’s teachers and other school staff. You can learn more about what is expected of your teen both inside and outside of the classroom environment and keep the lines of communication open between home and school.


Some schools also offer informational sessions about new classes, opportunities, or even the school in general. Attending these can help you be aware of things like tuition updates (for private schools), testing dates (for graduation requirements or preparation for further education such as college), and more.

4. Be Familiar With Your Teen’s School Layout, Website and Classes

Part of supporting your teen throughout their high school experience will include talking to them about their day. If you are familiar with the people at the school as well as the school layout itself, you may be able to foster a greater connection with your teen. In addition, paying attention to website updates or new class offerings can help you make sure your student is able to maximize their high school experience.

5. Create a Home Environment That’s Conducive to Learning

Excellent teachers and an engaging curriculum can help your teen succeed in high school but it doesn’t stop there. The home environment is critical to your teen’s success as well. High school coursework often involves a significant amount of work that must be completed independently by the student at home. You can help them do their work well and in a timely manner simply by limiting distractions and creating a home environment that supports learning.

6. Help Your Teen Succeed In High School By Being a Positive Role Model

Students often look to the adults in their life and mimic their behaviors, whether they are aware of it or not. Here’s a chance for you to help your teen be successful without having to nag at them or even teach them. Simply be a positive role model of the things that will also help your student succeed in life and school. As you prepare for your own work day, your student can see you:


  • Eating a healthy breakfast
  • Packing a nutritious lunch
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Organizing what you need for the next day
  • Managing family time so you have enough time to get work done
  • … And more …

7. Be Involved In Your Teen’s Education and Extracurricular Activities

When you show an interest in what your teen is learning at school, they’ll appreciate it! And, if they need a study partner, don’t be afraid to offer to help. You can simply help them review material, organize their notes, or even share some of your own tried and true study habits from when you were a student.


In addition, step in and volunteer for school events, class trips, sports activities, and more. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with your teen on a deeper level while also serving your community.

Help Your Teen Succeed In High School at Rising Aviation

Do you live in the Dallas metro area? Is your teen passionate about pursuing an aviation career or learning more about the aviation industry? If so, Rising Aviation High School in Addison, TX could be a great fit! Our academic program is STEM based with the addition of a focus on Aviation. We also provide hands-on training opportunities so students can truly experience aviation in multiple ways.


In addition to a private high school experience, we offer discovery flights and teen pilot camps, the perfect way to fuel your student’s passion for flying. Contact us today to learn more about our aviation programs or to enroll your teen at our private high school



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